About Me

I graduated with a BS in Family Consumer Sciences in 2006.  Upon graduation, I completed my dietetic internship at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.


Before becoming a registered dietitian, I spent 8 years as an internet game producer.  It was a great career but I realized after a few years that it wasn't very rewarding.  If you want to learn more, click here to get the whole story.


My goal in working with clients is to help them re-learn what it means to be an Intuitive Eater and to reclaim Body Trust®.  Our current food environment and body image focused culture have created a perfect storm where we have become fearful of food and bodies.  This fear keeps us “in our heads,” obsessed with what to eat and what is the shape of our bodies.  I want to help you “drop down into your body” and learn to trust the best nutrition expert there is: yourself.


I have come to this work after seeing the damage done by a focus on weight loss and diet culture.  I have been developing this philosophy after spending years focusing on Intuitive Eating, and Health at Every Size® and  finally by becoming a Body Trust® Certified Provider.  To learn more, you can read my Ethical Statement and Manifesto


If you are ready to start your journey, contact me or go online now to make an appointment.