Ethical Statement

Above all other things in my work, my goal is to “Do No Harm.”  It seems like a simple and even obvious goal, but the truth of the matter is this, many practices in my profession, that seem well intentioned, are actually doing harm.  I refuse to be a part of those practices. 


My next and equally important goal is to foster a healing environment with my clients.  Again, it might seem like an obvious goal but the reality is this; work centered on weight loss, it neither healing nor safe.  Weight loss and weight normative approaches are rooted in shame and I'd much prefer a practice that includes more compassion, empathy and curiosity.


It might feel uncomfortable or uneasy at times, but sometimes we need to approach the uncomfortable edges of our safe spaces so that true healing can occur.  As a dietitian, I understand that discussing some topics might seem “out of bounds” or might not seem relevant and that is why I continue to build my skill-set and embrace these deficits rather than shy away from them.  It is my #1 reason for why I pursued the Body Trust® Certification.  


With all of this in mind, as a clinician, I promise to do the following with transparency and honesty:


  • I will start and end each appointment on time.  Your time is just as valuable as mine and I do not want to keep you waiting.

  • I will be fully present during our session and will actively listen to your experience

  • I acknowledge my privilege as a cis-gendered white male.  I am continuing to work on exploring my own implicit biases and address those through trainings and conversations with individuals who can help me understand different narratives that are not my own.

  • Your story is valuable to me and I will listen to it without judgement.

  • My work is weight inclusive meaning, success is not determined by the number on the scale.  If you are interested in pursuing weight loss, I will gladly discuss this topic with you and provide you with the pros and cons of this endeavor.  In the end, the choice is yours and I support your decision, either way.

  • My practice is grounded in Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size® and Body Trust®.  

  • I believe that you are the expert in your experiences and can make the best decision for your body.  I will provide you with unbiased nutrition information and allow you to make what is the best decision for your body.

  • I welcome your questions and I realize that ambivalence is part of the journey.  I will always hold a safe space for these feelings.

  • I will provide a safe and non-judgmental environment, including comfortable furniture and a comfortable, quiet waiting room.

  • I will meet you where you are at and do my best to provide empathy for your experience.  

  • If you sign a Release of Information, I will collaborate with any other health care providers that you designate.  I will communicate with them on a regular basis and provide them with relevant data from our sessions.

  • I will always invite you to share any concerns or issues that you have about our work together.