You didn't fail the diet, the diet failed you!

My name is Aaron Flores and I am a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) in Calabasas, CA.  I specialize in Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size® and helping clients reclaim Body Trust®.  My goal is to help you leave behind the world of diets and body shame and instead embrace your relationship with food and your body with curiosity, self-compassion and empathy.  This is a revolutionary approach, especially in our diet-obsessed culture. 


This work is for you if you:

  • feel like you've tried every diet in the world and none of them have ever worked

  • are ready to stop feeling like you are at war with your body and with food

  • have so many food rules swimming inside your head that you don’t even know what to eat or what foods sound good anymore

  • are ready to be free from the anxiety and fear you have around food

  • struggle with eating disorders, disordered eating or chronic dieting

  • are ready to be at home in your body

  • are ready to try something new

I can help you:

  • learn to tune into your own body's signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction

  • find a peaceful approach to eating

  • develop self-care habits that come from a place of compassion and not from a place of shame

To learn more about Body Trust®, click here

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